Take a Deep Sleep to get what you Reap

black-man-sleepingIn today’s age with a lot of activities where things such as working out and life has became very demanding it is only right that you recover the right way. Sleep is a great way to recover and regain the energy you need to endure the life you lead. Now its hard that people don’t really understand the simple hygiene tips that make your sleep so great and loverly (no typo). Here are some simple things that can help you sleep better:

  1. Make sure you are not around any blue light before you go to sleep. Knowing that you are going to sleep , try to stay off of your phone, not watch television and off the computer. The light confuses your brain that it’s still bright out and it makes it a lot more difficult to go to sleep.
  2. Another tip is to make sure that you are relaxed. A lot of people try to go to sleep and cannot because they aren’t relaxed. Sleep is being in a relaxed being. With that being said , try to breath deeply in a dark room and if you are tired enough, you’ll knock right out.
  3. The final tip I have for you is to consciously find your circadian rhythm. I mean they say the ideal time to go to sleep is around 10- 10:30, but me personally I find that when I go to sleep at 11- 11:30, I wake up with tremendous amount of energy. I get up when the sun get up and it shows in the energy I exude.

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