Eat what you want, to look like a Don

elise-nealToday we live in an age where the next dietary dogma is being passed to the next person and being taken as gospel. ” I have felt great by giving up animal products”, ” I’m on this Paleo- Diet and I feel that the weight is just jumping off my body” , ” I’m on this Bla Bla Cha Cha Diet where all I do is eat air sandwiches and drink pop and I lost 100 lbs”. Should I continue with the statements? Seriously though, we as a society take dietary dogmas way too serious. I honestly believe that Diets can be helpful, but they are a means to an end, not the end all be all. A lot of people love the vegan thing, most people can’t take being vegan for after 5 years. There are certain deficiencies you come into contact with. So with that being said, eating gets kinda tricky. I would say just to eat right first, ease yourself into a diet if that’s your whole thing.


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