Let’s talk about being put into a box…

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In societies across the world, people are stifled a bit. Every culture you come across, you’ll find people just going through the motions or slowly becoming a shell of their former self. This is very frustrating to me because I was once put into that societal matrix. I was told that I was too goofy, didn’t take things serious and didn’t act as smart as I was. Initially, I didn’t give a flying f*$k about what anyone said because I knew me. But slowly more and more people said it, and the burden of being myself became too much. Everyone has different breaking points, and mines was a bit further, but when someone I cared about mentioned it, I felt maybe I should be more “regular”. This slowly put me into a pit of darkness, not necessarily depression but I was trying to be a domesticated dog when in fact I was a dingo. I’m naturally a bit wacky and the people around me didn’t necessarily care about me being me. Remember that no one can be you better than you. This societal matrix we live in is imaginary. REMEMBER THAT! We make things black and white when in fact there are gray areas. I was reading a book where the author was talking about business wise, you have to disrupt the market to gain the best results. The book is called  Disrupt You! by Jay Samit. You can check it out by clicking the link provided.


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