Replenish your Bod , with a nice Massage


In today’s day and age, we’ve been in a society of MORE,MORE,MORE . So much emphasis is on results and not necessarily on the caring of the person or thing producing. We have more interest in the golden eggs than the golden goose. Well, to upkeep the production of the golden eggs, you need the golden goose healthy and intact. With that analogy, we must properly recover from our working out, working in as Paul Chek would say. A great “working in” activity are massages. Massages help relax the muscles and get them loose. Taking out the trauma that was performed working out and helping them recover. Massages can also be fun because…. well because they ……. are fun? No, but seriously it helps you get the kinks out and help your body feel brand new and it can give your significant other an excuse to rub you.


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