Lunge towards your Dream body



Nowadays when you turn on the television, you run into some celebrity that talks about their workout routine. A lot of female celebrities talk about how there butt is being toned and getting bigger. A lot of the celebrities speak of squats and other glute activation exercises , but you never hear lunges. As the step child of great leg exercises, the lunges help tone up hamstrings, the glutes and even the quadriceps. This is basically the whole leg in an exercise, it should seem like an obvious go. So remember to add lunges to your leg day and achieve the dream body that you’ve always deserved.


Replenish your Bod , with a nice Massage


In today’s day and age, we’ve been in a society of MORE,MORE,MORE . So much emphasis is on results and not necessarily on the caring of the person or thing producing. We have more interest in the golden eggs than the golden goose. Well, to upkeep the production of the golden eggs, you need the golden goose healthy and intact. With that analogy, we must properly recover from our working out, working in as Paul Chek would say. A great “working in” activity are massages. Massages help relax the muscles and get them loose. Taking out the trauma that was performed working out and helping them recover. Massages can also be fun because…. well because they ……. are fun? No, but seriously it helps you get the kinks out and help your body feel brand new and it can give your significant other an excuse to rub you.

Let’s talk about being put into a box…

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In societies across the world, people are stifled a bit. Every culture you come across, you’ll find people just going through the motions or slowly becoming a shell of their former self. This is very frustrating to me because I was once put into that societal matrix. I was told that I was too goofy, didn’t take things serious and didn’t act as smart as I was. Initially, I didn’t give a flying f*$k about what anyone said because I knew me. But slowly more and more people said it, and the burden of being myself became too much. Everyone has different breaking points, and mines was a bit further, but when someone I cared about mentioned it, I felt maybe I should be more “regular”. This slowly put me into a pit of darkness, not necessarily depression but I was trying to be a domesticated dog when in fact I was a dingo. I’m naturally a bit wacky and the people around me didn’t necessarily care about me being me. Remember that no one can be you better than you. This societal matrix we live in is imaginary. REMEMBER THAT! We make things black and white when in fact there are gray areas. I was reading a book where the author was talking about business wise, you have to disrupt the market to gain the best results. The book is called  Disrupt You! by Jay Samit. You can check it out by clicking the link provided.

Eat what you want, to look like a Don

elise-nealToday we live in an age where the next dietary dogma is being passed to the next person and being taken as gospel. ” I have felt great by giving up animal products”, ” I’m on this Paleo- Diet and I feel that the weight is just jumping off my body” , ” I’m on this Bla Bla Cha Cha Diet where all I do is eat air sandwiches and drink pop and I lost 100 lbs”. Should I continue with the statements? Seriously though, we as a society take dietary dogmas way too serious. I honestly believe that Diets can be helpful, but they are a means to an end, not the end all be all. A lot of people love the vegan thing, most people can’t take being vegan for after 5 years. There are certain deficiencies you come into contact with. So with that being said, eating gets kinda tricky. I would say just to eat right first, ease yourself into a diet if that’s your whole thing.

Pull up your Strength with Pull Ups




Pull ups are a very popular movement and has been here forever. Its such a compound movement that it requires so much out of certain muscles to bring you back up when you go down. It is dominantly a lat and shoulder exercise and the stabilization of the exercise activates the abdominal muscles. A pull up also helps with your strength in pressing objects as well.  The pull up also helps your upper body look more aesthetically pleasing with a wider back and bigger shoulders.

Take a Deep Sleep to get what you Reap

black-man-sleepingIn today’s age with a lot of activities where things such as working out and life has became very demanding it is only right that you recover the right way. Sleep is a great way to recover and regain the energy you need to endure the life you lead. Now its hard that people don’t really understand the simple hygiene tips that make your sleep so great and loverly (no typo). Here are some simple things that can help you sleep better:

  1. Make sure you are not around any blue light before you go to sleep. Knowing that you are going to sleep , try to stay off of your phone, not watch television and off the computer. The light confuses your brain that it’s still bright out and it makes it a lot more difficult to go to sleep.
  2. Another tip is to make sure that you are relaxed. A lot of people try to go to sleep and cannot because they aren’t relaxed. Sleep is being in a relaxed being. With that being said , try to breath deeply in a dark room and if you are tired enough, you’ll knock right out.
  3. The final tip I have for you is to consciously find your circadian rhythm. I mean they say the ideal time to go to sleep is around 10- 10:30, but me personally I find that when I go to sleep at 11- 11:30, I wake up with tremendous amount of energy. I get up when the sun get up and it shows in the energy I exude.

Mental Thursday: Social Anxiety

On Thursday we always describe mental aspects of health. And today I would like to talk about Social Anxiety. Social Anxiety is something I’ve always dealt with and still continue to struggle with but there are also somethings that I do that help me in that department. One thing that is huge to me is usually calming myself before I go out. This is done through meditation and or just simply relaxing myself. Social Anxiety usually comes from the act of what other people think or will do to you. Knowing that being in a relaxed, grounded state I find that it is easier to go about my business and deal with people.

Press off the haters with Military Press

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Pressing is a great exercise to increase power. Now the movement I’ll explain today is a Military Press. In a society where we always praise the bench press, I’ve found that the military press can be more of an aesthetically pleasing movement. But also a compound movement. This compound movement helps develop a wider frame (shoulders, lower pecs, great lats) . Also since it is a pressing movement it helps you push things up. So if you can’t lift people up, get your military press on. I’ve also found that this movement is great because it helps with core stability. Most compound movements do though.


P.S. Sorry for the hiatus, life kinda got in the way this past week but I’m back like a 12th grader that never got his diploma.

For a Hot Body, Take Cold Showers


A lot of people are aware that exercising and working out creates the capacity to build muscle and lose fat. What most people are not aware of it’s that recovery helps build the muscle and gives the muscle time to grow. With that being said instead of running your body to smithereens, become aware that you need to recover. A solid way to recovery, COLD SHOWERS. I can’t stunt I also thought this was a load of bologna and was truly pushing it. I decided to try it. Low and behold i felt more energetic and over a month span I seen tremendous gains in my physique. Cold showers not only help with your muscles but it allows you to become more energetic. So it’s definitely worth a try.